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Parallel Programming Workshop

Po, 14.10.2013 9:00 - Pá, 18.10.2013 18:00
The PATC in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

The PATC in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre is teaching the Parallel Programming Workshop (14 to 18 October 2013) as part of the PATC Professional Training Program.  The teaching and materials are in English and there are no fees.

The course starts with the objective of setting up the basic foundations related with task decomposition and parallelization inhibitors, using a tool to analyze potential parallelism and dependences. The course follows with the objective of understanding the fundamental concepts supporting shared-memory and message-passing programming models. The course is taught using formal lectures and practical/programming sessions to reinforce the key concepts and set up the compilation/execution environment.

The course covers the two widely used programming models: OpenMP for the shared-memory architectures and MPI for the distributed-memory counterparts. The use of OpenMP in conjunction with MPI to better exploit the shared-memory capabilities of current compute nodes in clustered architectures is also considered. Paraver will be used along the course as the tool to understand the behavior and performance of parallelized codes.

For more information and to register for this course (before Oct. 7), please visit: http://events.prace-ri.eu/conferenceModification.py?confId=193

If you have specific inquiries, please visit BSC website http://bsc.es/education  or mail us directly patc@bsc.es