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CFD simulations using OpenFOAM (PTC course)

Čt, 14.12.2017 9:30 - Pá, 15.12.2017 15:00
Uzávěrka registrace: 
Pá, 15.12.2017 15:00
VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, IT4Innovations building, room 207
Tomáš Brzobohatý (IT4Innovations)


Introduction to the OpenFOAM open source package for CFD simulations on HPC infrastructure. The course will guide participants through basic geometry and mesh generation, physical modelling, visualization and parallel computation.

Purpose of the course (benefits for the attendees)

The course provides a tour around all fundamental parts of OpenFOAM. It is useful for new users and beginners in CFD simulations by using open source code.

About the tutor

Tomáš Brzobohatý is a researcher at the Czech IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center. He is part of a team providing services for industrial partners in the field of CFD and CSM analysis.

Preliminary agenda

Day 1:  9:30 – 18:00



Course introduction
• course outline and Introduction to OpenFOAM
• linux background, preparation for hands-on sessions
• my first OpenFOAM case, hands-on session
• OpenFOAM case structure


lunch break


Geometry and Meshing
• meshing strategy in OpenFOAM
• blockMesh, snappyHexMesh, hands-on session
• mesh conversion from external packages (ANSYS Fluent example), hands-on session


coffee break


Mesh manipulations
• mesh manipulation, hands-on session
• mesh partitioning for parallel computing, hands-on session
• parallel meshing, parallel redistributing, hands-on session



Day 2: 09:00 – 15:00
 Physical modelling and numerical simulations
• initial and boundary condition
• incompressible simulations - SIMPLE/PISO/PIMPLE solvers, hands-on session
• transport and turbulent models
• solution monitoring and control
• linear solvers setting
• run in parallel on workstation/laptop/supercomputer
• programming boundary condition

lunch break


• data Vizualization, ParaView, EnSight
• conversion OpenFOAM format
• plotting graphs of force coefficients, etc.
• utilities for post-processing
• hands-on session


coffee break


Tips and tricks


Exercises will be run on participants' own laptops - we will provide an OpenFOAM/Linux virtual machine on a USB memory stick, to be run in VirtualBox (PC requirements: >= 30 GB free disc space, >= 4GB RAM).
There are no prerequisites for course participants. Basic knowledge of Linux usage is beneficial.


Obligatory registration via the PRACE Events Portal (coming soon).

Capacity and Fees

20 participants. The event is provided free of charge.


  • See the links below for how to get to the campus of  VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, and to the IT4Innovations building.
  • Documentation for IT4Innovations' computer systems is available at https://docs.it4i.cz/.


This training is a PRACE Training Centre (PTC) course, co-funded by Partnership of Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE). The main web page of the course is located on the PRACE Events Portal.