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Allinea Tools Workshop

Pá, 06.11.2015 9:30
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Pá, 30.10.2015 22:45
VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, IT4Innovations building, room 207
Florent Lebeau (Allinea, UK)


After one year, we have again the pleasure to host experts from Allinea, who will conduct a workshop devoted to Allinea tools for debugging and profiling HPC applications, especially on the new Salomon supercomputer.

Allinea Software is the trusted leader in software development tools and application performance analytics for high performance computing - and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Allinea tools improve the efficiency and value of high performance computing by reducing development time and increasing application performance. They are designed to handle the most demanding applications and environments and are used on the world's most largest supercomputers - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, CEA and NCSA Blue Waters.

Purpose of the workshop (benefits for the attendees)

We will discover how to profile an application on Salomon and identify bottlenecks with Allinea Forge. Based on these information, we will show how the code can be optimised and review the results before turning to the task of debugging to fix the error introduced during the workshop. Then, we will see how Allinea tools help code migration to the Intel Xeon Phi accelerators.

About the tutor

Florent LEBEAU is an HPC Applications and Support Analyst at Allinea and provides trainings on Allinea debugging and profiling tools. Being involved in HPC for many years gave him expertise in parallel programming and developing tools. Before joining Allinea, Florent graduated from the University of Dundee with an MSc in Applied Computing and has worked for CAPS entreprise, where he developed profiling tools for HMPP Workbench and provided trainings on parallel technologies.


Friday,  November 6,  2015
10:00-10:15Introduction to Allinea tools
10:15-11:45Getting started with Allinea Forge for profiling
11:45-13:00time for lunch
13:00-14:15Getting started with Allinea Forge for debugging
14:15-14:45coffee break
14:45-16:00Allinea Forge and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
16:00-16:30Questions and wrap-up


  • good knowledge of C/C++ and/or Fortran languages for HPC development
  • basic knowledge of parallelism (MPI, multithreaded, accelerators...)
  • a laptop  (for participants willing to follow actively the demonstrations on Salomon)


Obligatory registration - registration form here; deadline 7 days before the event or exhausted course capacity.


The event is provided free of charge for the participants.


30 attendees


  • The participants are encuraged to bring their laptops, to be able to manipulate and play with the tools.
  • IT4Innovations training accounts will be distributed at the on-spot registration.
  • Salomon and Anselm documentation is available at https://docs.it4i.cz/get-started-with-it4innovations. You can find sections on Allinea DDT/MAP there (c.f. links below).
  • See a special page on transport and accommodation (in Czech) with practical information for distant participants.